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Weather Proof:

INFINITY is set for all weather conditions in India -from salty air of coastal areas to snow capped mountains weather. Unlike Timber windows and doors INFINITY do not absorb moisture and do not change under extreme weather conditions. 

Thermal Insulators:
The INFINITY design prevents thermal bridging making insulation extremely effective. It has the option of two layered vacuumed glass panes to maximize air conditioning and therefore conserves energy. The system also eliminates the problem of water condensation on between the windowpanes.

Acoustic Insulator:
Protecting from noise pollution and ensures high levels of privacy. Sound sensitive areas like hospitals, old age care homes and many other sound sensitive areas are well protected against sound pollution.
Water Tightness:
Joint tightness, which is an inherent INFINITY feature, keeps the rain and moisture totally out. INFINITY can be used in special environment conditions close to swimming pools and beaches. It has been used successfully in marine applications.

Burglar Proof:
INFINITY offer strong resistance against burglary. Expert installation of steel reinforced outlines and glazing reduces the threat of burglary considerably.
Fire Resistant:
UPVC materials used in INFINITY windows systems and door systems are Fire resistant and do not support or enhance accidental fires unlike their timber counterparts..

INFINITY windows system and doors systems are energy efficient compared to other materials. The compound used is recyclable and the longevity of the product makes it a very strong option to wood, which reduces deforestation noticeably. 

Maintenance Free:
INFINITY windows system and door systems are do not require periodical repainting or maintenance. INFINITY does not rot, warp or corrode. This makes  INFINITY much more economical in the long run
Anti-Fungi, Anti-Termite:
UPVC is  burly  to insects and termites. Its hard surface compound withstands as such invasions and does not degenerate like wood.
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